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  1. The 13th Annual Bodkin 5k run & 1 mile fun walk is just around the corner, Saturday, October 3, 2009. We would like for you to share with your readers/viewers about our race to raise money for books and technology for our school.
    Thank you,
    Jennifer Healy & Jennifer Bowie
    Race Directors

  2. Need to check out the latest on drug testing at the Naval Academy, Football player waived after failing test.


  3. Sports Broadcasters and Editors:

    Yes, the bars are full and the big screen tv’s are blaring and the fans are buying items to support their Ravens. However, could you give some coverage concerning the Colts who left town in the middle of the night and their fans who were loyal to the bitter end? Could you please honor those by-gone fans who supported their Baltimaore team but were kicked in the head by a thoughtless hurtful business decision?

    I think today’s Ravens fans might be forgetting (or never have known) how unimportant fans are to football when the rubber hits the road. I am a fan of your newscasts and I enjoy your broadcast personalities. However, I would like for these Ravens fans and other supporters to know that Baltimore has not always been kind to football fans. Do these happy Raven fans realize that my father cried when he found out that his Colts had moved out of town with no more than bus exhaust left behind? No fond goodbyes, no waving from the bus, no party to honor fan loyalty. No return visits for old-times sake. I still get sick when I think of the undignified way that fans of the Colts were treated. Baltimore football fans were treated disgustingly by Colts football management and players. Nobody cared. Nobody. Years of getting to know the players and their talents were dumped. Years of attending fan functions were dishonored. We even found the money somehow to go to restaurants with the players’ names. All memories that were shoved down our throats and make many of us gag still today.

    My dear father and my uncles (and even some of my aunts back-in-the-day) watched every Colt game for years. If they couldn’t watch, they would find a radio and listen. When they could afford it, we would go to Memorial Stadium and watch a game. My father had a friend who lived in a row house near Memorial Stadium with a parking spot for us. Do the players today ever pay homage to the Baltimore Colts? I never hear anything about the Colts from your broadcasters either. Don’t you care?

    Annapolis, MD

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