Game 3 ALDS Preview

The last time the Orioles had travel problems they dropped two of three on the road. If they do that again this time, their season ends.

I’m guessing though, that since the Yankees also got stuck on a train and missed a night’s sleep that has to cancel out any negative effects.

The best thing going for the Birds tonight is having Miguel Gonzalez on the mound. He has thus far proven immune to the anxieties of pitching in the Bronx going 2-0 in his two starts here this year. The last time out in fact, he dominated with seven shut out innings. He told me he wanted to pitch in New York again, that he feeds off the atmosphere.

But before we get too hooked on the fact that he’s done well here, it would serve us to remember that if we are to expect future performance based on the past the Orioles would not have won 95 games so far, or 85, or maybe even 75.

Not living in the past or worrying about the future has been a credo for Buck Showalter this season. And despite the magnitude of this moment, they still know it’s all gravy from here on out.

Injuries, inexperience, (was going to add less talent, but I think we can almost put that to bed) have all been ignored to reach this point so the pressure resides squarely in the 3rd base dugout.

Joe Girardi will once again bat Alex Rodriguez 3rd in the lineup even though he no longer is best suited for the role. The indignity of losing a 4th series in New York to the upstart Orioles would not only demoralize, but surely cost plenty in pinstripes their jobs.

So, the Orioles will take the field loose, confident, and believing there’s is a special season ready to continue. Can’t wait to watch.

I leave you with a the practice unfurling of the flag, what a sight here in the Bronx.


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