Football season for the Orioles

Jumping into the playoff fray for their first time in 15 years, and the Orioles land on a Game Seven.  Okay, it’s the wild card, but with the addition the 2nd non-division winner baseball’s post season it serves the same purpose.  Win and advance, lose and go home, options previously left for the NFL playoffs.

I know plenty of Oriole fans are frustrated at this scenario, particularly since the game is played in Texas.  But a one game, winner take all contest serves Baltimore well.  

A story today on Grantland, previewing the A.L. Wildcard pointed out eloquently, that even the woeful Houston Astros won a best of one series 54 times this year.  It also pointed out that the worst teams in baseball often beat the best.  

So putting a pair of teams together that each won 93 games allows for the possibilities that anything can happen.

The Orioles I talked to agree.  Adam Jones, Chris Davis, Joe Saunders all were lauding the opportunity they have. Every one of them telling me this format better suits Baltimore.  After their season of intense theater, they seem so well prepared for the pressure.  

Sure Yu Darvish has better stuff than Joe Saunders. Sure Joe Saunders has never won a game in this ball park.  Sure the Rangers trot out a lineup littered with all stars, ones that have at times pulverized the Birds this season.  

So what.

The Rangers are reeling after the worst final week choke job in recent baseball memory.  They went from the best record in the American League to wild card in the blink of an eye.  All the pressure rests squarely on their shoulders.  The Orioles just hope to apply a little more, and in doing so, bring playoff baseball back to Camden Yards on Sunday. Image


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