Loyola’s dream journey thanks to Jimmy Patsos

After watching Jimmy Patsos navigate the media, supporters, and all manner of well wishers in Pittsburgh, it’s hard to believe they ever had the NCAA Tourney without him.  A relentless, restless connoisseur of life he creates a vacuum the moment he leaves a room.

A quality practice started Thursday followed by a trip to the Andy Warhol Museum.  Patsos saw the parallel.  The Greyhounds currently enjoy their 15 minutes of fame, and his question to his team before they take the court against Ohio State tonight, are your 15 minutes up?  He navigated through the exhibitions like they were trying to trap him, barely pausing, but at the same time offering a running dialogue about Warhol.

This served as a distraction sure, but you have to love that on the day of the biggest game of his career, he focuses on teaching his kids some culture.

Speaking of his commentary, Patsos’ story telling capabilities are legendary, but so full of tangents you really have to focus when he gets going.  Or sometimes, don’t even listen, just watch him go.

His players love it.  They know he knows basketball, but much more he wants to give them a foundation for the future. A 92 percent graduation rate for his players, combined with a 24 win season make him a hot commodity in coaching ranks.  And should he pull an upset tonight against the Buckeyes, you can start printing invitations to his going away party.  They will come for him.

But right now,  all the efforts to build a program from a one win disaster to the MAAC Champions are rewarded.  Jimmy’s 15 minutes I do believe, are just beginning.

(this picture below works perfectly for Patsos.  He doesn’t stand still long enough to get in focus.  Loyola A.D. Jim Paquette enjoys a conversation with the constant motion expert)


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