Bounty Gate

The New Orleans Saints, through encouragement (financial and emotional) intentionally injured other players. Old fashioned bounties prove alive and well in the NFL.

Hey, it’s a violent game.  Despite the league’s sometimes hypocritical desire make the game safer, football comes with pain and injury.  But this goes way too far.  You can imagine the scene directed by Martin Scorcese as Jonathan Vilma drops 10 G’s on the table as the bounty reward for Brett Favre’s pelt.

I am very curious to see Roger Goodell’s punishment. His willingness to suspend players for arguable hits without monetary incentive was huge!  Now you have players, coaches, and front office personnel involved.  Even more curious, Gregg Williams, who apologized for his “terrible mistake” now coaches for the St. Louis Rams.  Will two teams suffer penalties? And if you want, as Gerry Sandusky pointed out to me, you could view this as a salary cap violation.

A monster mess that will no doubt become an example making process for the NFL.  Stay tuned.


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