Post football journeys

The end of football season delivers a hollow feeling. We invest so much time, energy, and sometimes emotion (still human) into covering the Ravens that the abrupt conclusion leaves one numb.

They remember me!

Two weeks or so to digest a particularly stunning finish, and the benefits to unfootball season come clear.

I see my family again!

I also get to reintroduce myself to old friends. Taking in a Lake Clifton basketball game I see that Herman “Tree” Harried is doing one of his best coaching jobs. Recent years saw the Lakers with superstars like Will Barton, Josh Selby, and Cleveland Melvin, but no such blue chippers in 2012. No matter. Lake Clifton offers team defense to confound and confuse. Tree’s team earned the top seed in the 2A North for the state playoffs.

Lake Clifton huddle

Also recently discovered a new sport. Well, new to me. Acrobatic gymnastics combines all the grace and strength of a floor routine with teamwork. Kind of better right? The kids from 1st Class Gymnasticswon a national championship and will compete for a world title in April. Sweet girls who giggle and blush at the prospect of an interview show hard core strength and fearlessness in their sport. Baby faced assasins indeed.

Sophia, Holland and Rachel look dainty, they could throw you through a window.

Sat down with Cal Ripken Jr. and Mark Teixeira at Cal Sr’s Aspire Gala. We were given five minutes for the interview, so it wasn’t so much a break down of sabermetrics. But I was reminded that the vilified Teixeira is actually one of the more enjoyable people I’ve met. Thoughtful and pleasant, he gives a quality answer to a question. And his respect for Junior is palpable. A good bet that if Ripken was running things at Camden Yards players like Teixeira would line up to be Orioles. Maybe someday. Ripken did answer that question, in completely uncertain terms of course, that yes he would like to find a role with the team and if it’s to happen it should be sooner than later. The role however I’m sure he wants is owner, so we’ll continue to wait.

And still to come this spring, March Madness, lacrosse, and the Orioles bid for relevancy once again. All pleasant enough distractions till training camp. Wait, when’s the draft?


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