Delusions of (what’s the opposite of grandeur?)

Foxborough, MA

The Patriots arrive in the AFC Championship game with a 14-3 record, home field advantage as the number one seed, and having just eviscerated the Broncos 45-10. The Ravens meanwhile show up as the 2 seed and having just eeked past playoff nubie Houston. Las Vegas says the Ravens are a 7.5 point under dog.

Frankly, that’s right where the Ravens want them. They love the role off under dog. It’s a blue collar city the relishes the idea of “us against the world.”

And that’s why I’m so confused right now.

Super Bowl XXXIX MVP Deion Branch today said the Patriots were the under dogs. That the Patriots get no love from national media. That ESPN has gone a month without showcasing the Patriots.

It’s a strange world here at Patriot Place. Reality has no home in New England. Patriots owner Bob Kraft also said he’s flying in Steven Tyler to sing the national anthem because he’s lucky for the Pats. Now I know why the Celtics have a leprechaun as their mascot. It’s all fantasy land here in Massachusetts.

Incidentally, Rex Ryan chimed in on the AFC Title game. As poorly as he’s done in predictions, not sure his support is all that welcome!


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