Top 25 Ballot

I know it’s easy to pile on college football right now. Ardent supporters, with great volume, claim it’s the best sport because its regular season means the most. “Every game counts!”, they implore. Which of course, in theory, should not allow a rematch of LSU and Alabama for the national championship. The Tide did not win its division, how can it win a title? But college football fans never clamored for this BCS mess, so I won’t go too far.

But we saw for certain that a regular season can matter just as much in college basketball. Kentucky and North gave us a phenomenal top five matchup that more than surpassed the hype. Great players, packed house, and a one point game. I think college basketball is just fine in that regard.

Here’s my ballot for this week, I did not drop North Carolina for losing 73-72 on the road at Rupp Arena. But the Heels loss to UNLV looks worse after the Runnin’ Rebels were drubbed by Wichita State.

1. Kentucky
2. Ohio State
3. Syracuse
4. Duke
5. North Carolina
6. Louisville
7. Baylor
8. Xavier
9. Connecticut
10. Kansas
11. Pittsburgh
12. Missouri
13. Marquette
14. Mississippi State
15. Alabama
16. Wisconsin
17. Memphis
18. Florida
19. Georgetown
20. Illinois
21. Michigan
22. Creighton
23. Virginia
24. Texas A&M
25. Harvard


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