Towson Center: Staples Center East

The visit from the First Couple for the basketball game at Towson today made for an atmosphere never before seen at the Towson Center. I think it was a little hard though for the fairly packed house to completely embrace the event considering President and Mrs. Obama were there to cheer for the visiting team (Oregon State’s head coach Craig Robinson is the brother of the First Lady.)

Regardless, a raucous standing ovation was delivered, along with a rendition of Hail to the Chief. Towson Athletics Director Mike Waddell embraced the opportunity to host the President and stated unequivocally that within that soon the crowds would arrive not for a VIP vistor, but because Towson would win. He stated first year coach Pat Skerry would win a CAA title within 5 years. And for those not familiar, Towson didn’t win a conference game last season.

Considering the Towson football team, which won only a single game in 2010 celebrated at halftime today its CAA Championship, it doesn’t seem too far fetched.

Not all the VIP’s though rooted for Oregon State. Legendary comedic actor Bill Murray took in the game as well. His son Luke is a first year assistant for Pat Skerry, so maybe Murray will become a regular. At the least he could help control the gopher population on campus.

Here now, all the shots I snapped today from Towson:

Thanks to Craig Hollander for sharing this photo with me!


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