Top 25 Ballot 11/20/11

The top five remained the same for me.  I dropped Duke to 8 as the Blue Devils have, at the very least, looked vulnerable. Naturally, in Memphis’ 1st challenge of the season, after I moved the Tigers to 6, they lose to Michigan in Maui.   Early season polls, challenging to say the least.  Later today I’m posting a bunch of pics from the last week.  Had a few interesting stops…   Here’s my ballot this week, as always, have at it.

1)      North Carolina

2)      Kentucky

3)      Ohio State

4)      Syracuse

5)      Connecticut

6)      Louisville

7)      Memphis

8)      Duke

9)      Baylor

10)  Xavier

11)  Wisconsin

12)  Kansas

13)  Pittsburgh

14)  Vanderbilt

15)  Alabama

16)  Florida

17)  Cleveland State

18)  Michigan

19)  Arizona

20)  Mississippi State

21)  Florida State

22)  Gonzaga

23)  Texas A&M

24)  California

25)  Marquette


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