Happy Birthday to the Brigance Brigade

O.J. Brigance continues to battle A.L.S. with dignity, but the terrible disease takes a horrible toll. No longer able to speak, a computer speaks for him. The words come out in a tinny, hollow, impersonal report. But when you get past the unnatural sound, the words resonate with tremendous power. Here is the message he shared with the team as they celebrated his 42nd birthday today.

Everyone I would like to thank you for honoring me on my my birthday. However I would like to take a moment to honor you. Thank you for not shying away from me and treating me the same despite what you see through your physical eyes. For those new to the team, I would like to let you know my spirit and attitude are strong.

And every day is a blessed day because I have had the opportunity to live life and make the most of each day. Everybody don’t ever take your abilities and talents for granted. You have a great opportunity to play and coach a game you love. Take time to appreciate the privilege of being here. Thank you for the birthday wishes as it means the world to me. Enjoy the rest of your day.

I struggle to comprehend those words from a man trapped inside his body. I’m not strong enough. But wow, do they inspire. Thank you O.J. for sharing your strength, raising money to fight this terrible disease, and providing an example for which we may all embrace.

If you  would like to purchase an Inspire tee shirt, proceed from which go to A.L.S. research, follow the link here.


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