The purple gift of love

Gretchen Blasser loves the Ravens. Really loves them. Always clad in some manner of Ravens gear, the Shrewsbury, Pa native talks of little else during football season. I asked her why she loves them so, “John Harbaugh”, she simply replied.

Gretchen, 55 years old and mentally challenged, also says Joe Flacco is her favorite player. But Gretchen did not have what she wanted most, a Ravens jersey to wear on Sundays.

That’s where Ravens Roost #116 delivered. Becky Stevenson led the charge to make a small dream come true. Becky runs the preschool at Christ Lutheran in Shrewsbury, knows Gretchen from the congregation there, and is likewise a giant Ravens fan. At the New Freedom Fest on Saturday September 17th, she and the Roost surprised Gretchen with her very own Joe Flacco jersey.

Gretchen seemed stunned at the offering, but couldn’t wait to don her own #5. Here are some pictures from the moment, hope you enjoy like I did!  Love to see Ravens fans taking care of one another.

Update: video too from Gretchen’s big day:


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