Another week, another ballot, another number 1

The NFL rules the day when it comes to parity development. I’m convinced the biggest goal for Roger Goodell (after labor, player safety, and employing incompetent referees) is creating a league with 5 teams that finish 10-6, 5 that finish 6-10, and the rest in between. Parity breeds hope for fans, but mediocrity on the field.

In college basketball, parity may not be a goal, but with its top talent staying just one year parity reigns.

Continuous turnover at the top of the poll, and the same at the other end, leaves me sans a clue for what to expect in March.

I guess that creates a buzz for the tournament. It will certainly limit the blowouts from the early rounds, and maybe finally deliver the first victory for a 16 seed. But not only is the top of the game at its lowest point in talent the last 30 years, it comes at a time where they add teams to the bottom. Going from 65 to 68 teams will not enhance the product, but at least we won’t have to witness a tournament with 96 teams. Watching Virginia face Nebraska in an opening round game would not exactly inspire.

Sorry to apply the wet blanket, and here’s to hoping there’s madness regardless. And now, the ballot for our last day of February:

1. Ohio State
2. Kansas
3. Duke
4. Purdue
5. BYU
6. Pitt
7. Notre Dame
8. San Diego State
9. Texas
10. Louisville
11. Wisconsin
12. St. Johns
13. Syracuse
14. North Carolina
15. Arizona
16. Georgetown
17. Florida
18. Texas A&M
19. Vanderbilt
20. George Mason
21. Xavier
22. Connecticut
23. Utah State
24. Virginia Tech
25. UCLA


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