Edsall on stage

I have covered several signing days for FBS schools. Most are treated like a party with drinks and hors ‘dourves with boosters smiling, coaches selling the new crop, and AD’s looking on with a watchful eye. Football Signing day is an event.

But today at Maryland, the event was toned down to say the least. New head coach Randy Edsall gave a speech followed by questions from a decent sized gathering of media, but this was not a celebration.

A few assistant coaches were in attendance, along with some supporters of the program. But the dignitaries stayed away. No AD Kevin Anderson. No current stars of the team. No live TV cameras (only those recording).

That flows with amount of hype, or lack thereof for the 20 kids counted in the class of 2011. Randy Edsall took the reigns a month ago making the transition incredibly challenging.

Randy Edsall talking up his class of 2011

But as Edsall stood at the podium he did what all coaches do with a class missing the proper amount of stars. He said the rankings don’t matter. And quite often he’s right. Still, it rang a little hollow given the setting. Not a ton of support in attendance, and a class ranked near the bottom of the ACC.

Then I had the chance to talk with Edsall afterwards. Don’t get me wrong, this may still prove a lousy class on talent. But Edsall is crazy fired up regardless.

He is so happy to be in College Park. Viewing the academics, the surrounding attractions, and all the guys getting paid to play on Sundays from Maryland as incredible advantages. Compared to what he had to sell in Storrs, College Park gives him the world.

So I look forward to signing day, in say 2014 as the Terps haul in a top 20 class. The untapped beast that should be Maryland Football will once again be ready for a party.


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