NFL Playoff Bracket (complete with winners)

Why not? We fill out, with confidence and gusto mind you, many an NCAA Tourney bracket. Here’s one for the NFL.

6) NY Jets vs. 3) Indianapolis.. Jets advance
5) Baltimore vs. 4) Kansas City.. Ravens advance

1) New England vs. 6) NY Jets.. Patriots advance
2) Pittsburgh vs. 4) Baltimore.. Ravens advance

1) New England vs. 4) Baltimore.. Patriots advance

6) Green Bay vs. 3) Philadelphia.. Eagles advance
5) New Orleans vs. 4) Play In Game.. Saints advance

5) New Orleans vs. 1) Atlanta.. Saints advance
3) Philadelphia vs. 2) Chicago.. Eagles advance

5) New Orleans vs. 3) Philadelphia.. Saints advance

New Orleans vs. New England.. Saints win.


One Response

  1. Lovin’ the prediciton man cuz I can completely understand where you’re coming from. Saints sure got an easy first round matchup getting to face the Seahawks at home. They haven’t played that well all season, at least in relative terms to last season, but I think that they have a shot to make a run at the Super Bowl. Obviously they shouldn’t have it as tough as other wild card teams as they have to play the Seahawks, but they are also in the been there, done that kind of place, which gives them a big edge over teams like the Bears and Packers. It should be a very interesting NFL playoffs as no one has showed themselves to be favourites this season.Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I would love to hear what you have to say.

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