A.P. Ballot

Not my finest moment last week as a pollster. Going through the rundown of how teams performed for the week, I missed Tennessee’s 2nd consecutive loss to a non ranked team. Just didn’t see it. That left me leaving the Vols in the top ten when a spot around #20 was more appropriate.

So, not hard to figure out my New Year’s resolution. Tennessee, as if to further insult the injury lost a 3rd straight game to an unranked team. Looking at UT’s #9 all week long gave a never ending sinking feeling deep in my stomach. Shortly thereafter, a gluttonous Christmas menu gave me a real pit in my stomach.

Anyway, Duke remains on top, Georgetown up to 9, Florida State joins Arizona as first timers in my ballot this week. Happy New Year!

1. Duke
2. Ohio State
3. Kansas
4. Connecticut
5. Syracuse
6. Pittsburgh
7. Missouri
8. San Diego State
9. Georgetown
10. Kentucky
11. Purdue
12. Villanova
13. Texas
14. Louisville
15. Minnesota
16. Central Florida
17. Kansas State
18. Cincinnati
19. Texas A&M
20. BYU
21. Notre Dame
22. Arizona
23. Vanderbilt
24. Illinois
25. Florida State


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