AP Ballot

Interesting that there were three teams this week, five weeks into the season, that had yet to lose but also remained unranked. I did my best to change that for two of them. Central Florida, terribly impressive at 10-0 including wins over Florida and Miami. I also included Cincinnati on the ballot, likewise they are 10-0 with quality wins against Oklahoma and Dayton. Northwestern too is undefeated but only seven games played at the time of the vote, and a win over Georgia Tech as the only one to stand out. The Wildcats start out conference play against Purdue, Michigan State, and Illinois giving them plenty of chances for that marquee win.

Duke remains number one, although if Kyrie Irving is done for the season they will not continue to roll through the nation’s best as they have so far.

Here’s my ballot with actual AP Ranking in parenthesis:

1. Duke (1)
2. Ohio State (2)
3. Kansas (3)
4. Connecticut (4)
5. Syracuse (5)
6. Pittsburgh (6)
7. San Diego State (7)
8. Tennessee (19)
9. Missouri (9)
10. Kansas State (11)
11. Kentucky (13
12. Georgetown (10)
13. Purdue (14)
14. Texas (18)
15. Central Florida (24)
16. Illinois (21)
17. Baylor (15)
18. Villanova (8)
19. Louisville (NR)
20. Cincinnati (NR)
21. Minnesota (17)
22. Texas A&M (25)
23. Memphis (16)
24. BYU (23)
25. Florida (20)


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