December 12th Ballot

Another quality opponent, another close game, but another loss for the Terps. Wait, that’s how last week started. Maryland though may rue Sunday’s loss to BC more than any.

The Terrapins played well at home against a decent team and held a three to five point lead for much of the 2nd half. But they failed to put the Eagles away at the free throw line. Cliff Tucker missed a pair at the 1:47 mark and Terrell Stoglin doinked the front end of a one and one at 1:20.

As we have already gone over, Maryland’s non-conference resume includes no signature wins, and now the Terps start off conference play with a home loss.

The good news for Maryland though, a four game stretch of rent a wins to try and figure out how to finish a little better.

Meanwhile, here’s my ballot this week, hard to ignore what Tennessee’s got cooking in an us vs. them world. And congrats to San Diego State, the best team on the west coast, for cracking my top ten. Love me some Aztecs!

1. Duke
2. Ohio State
3. Kansas
4. Kansas State
5. Tennessee
6. Connecticut
7. Syracuse
8. Pitt
9. San Diego State
10. Kentucky
11. Missouri
12. Baylor
13. Illinois
14. Louisville
15. Georgetown
16. Purdue
17. BYU
18. Texas
19. UNLV
20. Minnesota
21. Memphis
22. Texas A&M
23. Villanova
24. Notre Dame
25. Boston College


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