December 6th Ballot

Another quality opponent, another close game, but another loss for the Terps. Their non conference season includes two victories that may prove interesting to an NCAA Selection Committee (College of Charleston, Penn State), but nothing to hang their hat on. Two top 25 games, and a 3 point loss to Temple which had fallen out of the top 25.

That means an ACC record at the minimum of 9-7, more likely 10-6 is required to make the NCAA Tournament. I would actually be surprised if they fail to reach at least that level, but their room for error is gone.

Here’s a look at my ballot this week:

1. Duke

2. Pitt

3. Ohio State

4. Kansas

5. Kansas State

6. Connecticut

7. Syracuse

8. Tennessee

9. Georgetown

10. Kentucky

11. Missouri

12. Baylor

13. UNLV

14. Illinois

15. Purdue

16. San Diego State

17. Michigan State

18. Notre Dame

19. Memphis

20. Texas

21. Villanova

22. BYU

23. Minnesota

24. Florida

25. Washington


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