Week 3 Ballot

Monster changes this week in the ballot. Many thanks to the guidance from the A.P. Staff, encouraging us to not fear big swings early in the season when resumes are so thin. Connecticut in particular was not expected to compete at the ridiculously high level they have hung around in. Their Maui Classic title was flat out awesome. That’s how the Huskies go from unranked to number six.

One thought though that was completely reassured; Duke is incredible. The Blue Devils look significantly improved from last season, and you may recall that campaign ended in a net cutting ceremony. Their drubbing of a very good Kansas State team on a neutral court was so thorough and showcased strength in so many ways. Defensive intensity, quality depth, and no less than four players who can carry the scoring load if necessary highlight the top ranked team in the country.

I take no joy in writing such a glowing review of a team that so revels in its own eliteness, but right now they deserve it.

Here’s my ballot this week, let’s see how much it can change on December 6th.

1. Duke
2. Pitt
3. Ohio State
4. Kansas
5. Kansas State
6. Connecticut
7. Syracuse
8. Missouri
9. Tennessee
10. Michigan State
11. Kentucky
12. Florida
13. Minnesota
14. Georgetown
15. Baylor
16. UNLV
17. Notre Dame
18. Memphis
19. San Diego State
20. Texas
21. Purdue
22. Illinois
23. Villanova
24. BYU
25. Washington


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