Week 2 Notes and Ballot

I was thinking that Maryland might move it’s way into the top 25 following a trip to New York. And if they had discovered how to shoot free throws against Pittsburgh, they may very well have. Early thoughts on the team now with a little bit of a resume go like this:
-The team has great perimeter depth, therefore I’d like to see more pressure applied defensively. They rarely pressed against either Pitt or Illinois, allowing their opponents to dictate tempo.
-Jordan Williams has hands of which even Anquan Boldin could envy.
-Williams also has a very soft touch on little jumpers, therefore his Shaq like stats at the free throw line remain a Lochness sized mystery.
-Cliff Tucker and Adrian Bowie will provide some tremendous moments this season but their inconsistent play may prevent a serious run in the tournament.
-Terrell Stoglin and Pe’Shon will drive Gary Williams to a record high dry cleaning bill but will also absolutely thrill the fans along the way.

Elsewhere, Morgan State continues to build a solid foundation. Two wins away from East Baltimore already, both games for which they were the ones getting paid. Todd Bozeman amazes.

And after watching Duke just flat out dominate Kansas State, I feel simultaneously secure and sickened by having the Devils at the top spot of my ballot. Here’s the rest:

1. Duke
2. Kansas State
3. Pittsburgh
4. Michigan State
5. Ohio State
6. Kansas
7. Kentucky
8. Villanova
9. Purdue
10. Syracuse
11. Missouri
12. Washington
13. Florida
14. Minnesota
15. Georgetown
16. Temple
17. Memphis
18. Baylor
19. San Diego State
20. Gonzaga
21. Texas
22. BYU
23. Butler
24. Virginia Tech
25. Illinois


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