Back for another vote

I thoroughly enjoyed my first journey through a season of voting for the Men’s A.P. Top 25 Basketball Poll. It forced me to play closer attention to a sport I dearly love, and allowed me to add another tier to my sports package at home.

But what I hated last season, and hate once again, attempting to compile a pre-season poll. Thanks to dozens of underclassmen leaving early for the NBA, there is more turnover year to year in college hoops than any other sports. And in no other sport do freshman make a greater impact. Plus, we have no idea who really improved, or simply ate pizza all off season. It’s ridiculous to think we can rank teams, with any real credibility, without judging a body of work for the current crop.

Even more ridiculous, picking a preseason All America team.

So, without further adieu, my effort ridiculousness..

1. Duke
2. Kansas State
3. Pittsburgh
4. Michigan State
5. Ohio State
6. Kansas
7. Kentucky
8. Villanova
9. Florida
10. Syracuse
11. North Carolina
12. Purdue
13. Missouri
14. Gonzaga
15. Washington
16. Virginia Tech
17. Memphis
18. Butler
19. Illinois
20. Baylor
21. Temple
22. Georgetown
23. Wisconsin
24. San Diego State
25. North Carolina State

All America Team

Kyle Singler
Austin Freeman
Jacob Pullen
JaJuan Johnson
Malcolm Delaney


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