Marathon Memories

Well, at least memories from the relay portion.  I had the distinct pleasure of running the final leg with a team trying to raise money for the Cool Kids Campaign.  And even though the race has come and gone, donations may continue!

What struck me though in taking part, was the fabulous response from the communities through which we ran. Already emboldened by sharing a joint experience with more than 22,000 runners, feeling the support from our community actually gave me chills a couple of times. Bands playing, people cheering, gummi bears sharing. All tremendously helpful in taking my mind off the pain of a 7.3 mile leg for which I was woefully under trained.

It’s also a tremendous people watching spectacle. A head to toe green body suit donned by one running team. Other costumes too, although I missed the guy wearing overalls this year.

But what stunned me more than anything else I witnessed, and made me feel a little strange, running alongside a woman who was having a conversation on a cell phone. This was in her final mile of the half marathon, and not a quick “honey, I’m almost to the finish line” kind of chat. This one lasted several minutes.

Who does that?!? It felt like some sort of violation. I wanted to throw a flag or something, then my leg started cramping in multiple places so my focus went elsewhere.

A great day though regardless, one that brings a city together, at least for a few hours.


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