The Ravens invisible glue

233 yards on the ground leave the lasting memory from the Ravens 31-17 win over the Broncos on Sunday.   You could also include a bevy of drives that went nowhere from Denver, which only padded stats at the game’s end when the outcome had no doubt.

But what once again held things together whenever trouble loomed (although trouble had trouble showing up for the Ravens) was Jerry Rosberg’s unheralded special teams unit.  Solid throughout this 4-1 start, the squad nearly tossed a perfect game against Denver.

They had ball security, they caused a turnover, Sam Koch dropped  punt after punt in the perfect spot, Billy Cundiff hit four kickoffs for touchbacks and made a field goal.

We have seen incredible consistency for a unit that struggled some the first two years under Rosberg. Like good officitating, you don’t much notice them.  When the special teamers succeed, it often comes with anonymity.

Rosberg and John Harbaugh have preached the value, and watching them reward with their unsung heroes with relentless praise, shows they mean it.  The high fives, hugs, and even noogies were delivered with reckless abandon.

Flacco will run hot and cold this year, the defense will give up big plays, but with great special teams play those other variables  become far more tenable.


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