Don from Pasadena… Find another hobby..

The Ravens just wrapped up their most thrilling victory in Pittsburgh since, oh I don’t know, the dawn of time.  Joe Flacco delivered  the greatest clutch performance of his young career as Baltimore stakes its claim to the path of this season.  It was a fans dream come true.  To silence one of the loudest, most boisterous, dare I say most arrogant fan bases in sport.

I had a blast  doing the highlights for TV-11 at six o’clock, then joined Keith Mills for the last half hour of the Ravens post game show on WBAL Radio.

Our last call of the day, Don from Pasadena.  You know it’s about to go badly when a caller begins his rant, “Now, first of all I’m a huge Ravens fan.”

Always a huge red flag, because what follows is completely anti-Raven.

“And I’m happy about today’s win,”


“But, why can’t they ever blow out lesser  teams like the Browns last week?”

Keith and I just sat there stunned.  I really struggled to even respond while Don was on the air.

How, on this day, could you be whining about a game won by seven points seven days ago while you should be celebrating an all too rare win in the ‘Burgh?

Don failed to answer that question, only wondering why the football gods have made him to suffer through this 3-1 first place start with a schedule that had the Ravens play three road games.

Don though provided a service.  A reminder for all of us to keep an eye on perspective and what’s really important.  I’m sure I’m guilty of complaining about something I shouldn’t.  And when I do, Don’s idiocy will surely creep into my brain and shut my mouth!

Thanks Don.


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