Game by Game

Week 1: Jets 16-Ravens 13

Nothing personal, this just seems like a little too much to ask  from a team in week one.  Opening a new stadium, under the glare of the national spotlight while the Jets have talked so much they HAVE to back  it up.  Also, with New York getting Darrelle Revis back in the lineup while the Ravens miss Ed Reed and Domonique Foxworth, the scales seem tilted.

Week 2: Ravens 31-Bengals 17

In 2007 the Bengals swept the Ravens.  2008, the Ravens earned their revenge.  2009, Cincy again swept Baltimore.  So you see where I’m going here.  Can’t ignore that kind of mathematical history, the Ravens will roll the Bengals twice in 2010 starting in week 2 when the passing game comes fully into form.

Week 3: Ravens 34-Browns 3

Saw that score from last year and I see no reason it won’t repeat.  Cleveland will be better in two years, but that roster lacks in too many places for Mike Holmgren’s aptitude to matter this season.

Week 4: Ravens 28-Steelers 13

Everybody assumes that because the Steelers are perceived as down, without their morally challenged quarterback, that they will rally together and play inspired without Ben Roethlisberger.  It sounds smart.  The problem with the theory, the Steelers offensive line suffered plenty of injuries.  They won’t open holes for Rashard Mendenhall or protect Dennis Dixon.  Pittsburgh will be lucky to sit 1-3 by the time their bye week rolls around.

Week 5: Ravens 31-Broncos 10

Kyle Orton still has bruises from the hit he took on his first pass attempt the last time he came to Baltimore.  Jarret Johnson delivered that blow, and many more will come on October 10th.  The hype machine for the Ravens will hit full stride as the offense and defense both dominate.

Week 6: Patriots 27-Ravens 21

The machine grinds to a halt in New England.  Tom Brady finally cuts his Justin Bieber locks and gets back to business.  Too many weapons for the Ravens secondary and Baltimore’s backfield fumbles twice.

Week 7: Ravens 34-Bills 3

What could possibly be the difference between the Bills and  the Browns?  The Ravens head into the bye week with a 5-2 record despite playing four of 7 on the road.

Week 8: Ravens 28 – Bye 0

While most of the team hits the beach in the Bahamas, Joe Flacco works every day at the Castle drawing up new plays and throwing touchdowns to his brother Mike.  This has to help.

Week 9: Ravens 24 – Dolphins 3

The Dolphins Wildcat formation fails even worse than it did last year in Miami.  The temperature starts to dip so Ray Rice and Willis McGahee do the heavy lifting in the easy win.

Week 10: Falcons 17 – Ravens 10

A super short week, on the road, in a dome where communication fails.  Pundits claim Matt Ryan is the best quarterback of  the 2008 draft despite his having won not a single playoff game.

Week 11: Ravens 38 – Panthers 14

The Panthers, having just fired John Fox, offer little effort for their new coach Bill Cowher.  Still on the road, but with a nice 72 degree day, Flacco throws for a career best 358 yards.  7-3 through ten games means a complete collapse must occur for the Ravens not to make the playoffs.

Week 12: Ravens 27 – Buccaneers 6

A 3rd straight game with the NFC South ends nicely.  Plenty of points once again while the defense continues to bottle up quarterbacks that have very little idea of what’s going  on in the NFL.  Maybe someday Josh Freeman, someday..

Week 13: Ravens 19 – Steelers 12

Lots and lots of field goals in this one, only one touchdown on the day, nail biting till the end.  What else would you expect in December between Pittsburgh and Baltimore.

Week 14: Texans 17 – Ravens 13

The last time Baltimore went to Houston, the Ravens overcame a the challenges of losing their bye week.  But this time, the Texans actually have a running game and keep the Ravens at bay.

Week 15: Saints 24 – Ravens 23

Here’s where it gets really interesting.  New Orleans becomes the first team to beat the Ravens in a game everyone thought they should have won.  The Saints needed it to keep their post season hopes alive, and now John Harbaugh has to rally the troops for a strong finish.

Week 16: Ravens 34 – Browns 3

What could be better than seeing Cleveland on the schedule when you need to right the ship and gain some confidence?

Week 17: Ravens 41 – Bengals 21

Cincinnati, already out of the playoffs ends the year  just as it began, a blowout loss to a quality team.  The  Ravens win it, and the AFC North as well with an 11-5 record.  That leaves them however one game out of a week one bye in the playoffs.


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