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Camp Out
August 19, 2010

The Ravens conclude 2-a-days in Westminster Thursday, closing another chapter of the Ravens invasion of Westminster.

All the right things were said about practice, and how much they got done this camp and how ready they are for the Redskins on Saturday.  And John Harbaugh went out of his way to praise the Best Western and its staff for their hospitality.

What turned amusing was asking the players, with a sardonic smile, if they would miss the Best Western.

The player speak interview face with Jarret Johnson immediately disappeared.  A dead serious, ‘get the the *&%^ out of here’ expression arrived, and the answer cam faster than Johnson blitzes the quarterback.

“No! Good God no!  I came to camp early because of an injury so it’s been a long time.  I can’t wait to get out of here.”

Mark Clayton’s response?  Incredulity.

“Why would you even ask that?  Seriously?  Sleep here, or my bed?  Seriously?  I can’t even believe you asked that.”

Guys who have made millions and then spend three weeks living as middle America, while physically pummeling one another, can fake it through an interview about depth charts and rivalries, but not about where they plunk down their noggins at night.

A bit of schadenfreude for those of us not living in their multi million dollar worlds.  Then again, if I were amongst the very best in the world at my chosen profession, middle America might seem a bit below me too.