Summer options other than the Orioles

With the Orioles kicking off their annual late season swoon three months early, the Ravens a month from training camp, and schools in recess what’s a Baltimore sports fan to do?

Logic (and maybe some spouses) says take a break.  Landscape a little, take a bike ride, go to a carnival, actually read a book. The suggestion of laundry from a Dash of Dachille was unsolicited but given the quality of Orioles play, relevant for these purposes.

In reality though, we’re not doing any of that.  We need our fix and watching the World Cup, PGA, or Nascar only helps so much.  In what can we take part right here?

A few options that at first glance might not garner a second but stay with me.  The Baltimore Mariners (indoor football) own a perfect 12-0 record.  We’re not talking about witnessing the next Kurt Warner but a bunch of these guys played major college football. They earn a paltry sum, playing simply because they love the game. Tickets are cheap, the action non-stop, and a few thousand in attendance makes for a nice atmosphere.

Also, Crystal Palace Baltimore delivers a high level of soccer. 11 nations represented on the roster for what can be considered the equivalent of double A baseball. Double A compared to the top levels of Europe. They play games at UMBC offering a season that never seems to end. If you have even the least bit of world cup fever you will enjoy a trip to the palace.

Training camp’s just over a month away, so we don’t have too much time to fill. This bit of minor league frivolity should suffice if you need your fix.


2 Responses

  1. The Bowie Baysox are an option! We are the class Double-A affiliate of the Orioles. Are tickets range from $6-$14 and parking is free at all Baysox home games. All of our games are close to the action, we have a kids park for the younger fans to enjoy and a lot of our players sign autographs before and after the game. We are cost-effective family-friendly alternative to the Orioles, and half way through the season we are in second place in our division!

  2. Hello Pete, Your faithful fan Roland from Hampden, Hope you have been doing well. you ask what a Baltimore Sports fan to do? well let me answer that by saying support the Baltimore Orioles unless you want them to possibly move due to lack of support. I have a 13 game plan and will continue to go and support them. That is my answer to your question. Your other suggestion are ok for those fans who are interested in other sports other than Major League Baseball. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to contact you and express my view. Your Faithful Fan, Roland

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