Without Question: Vasquez gets Gold Medal

By definition and design, player of the year awards are a popularity contest.  They’re subjective, argumentative, wonderful fodder for sports talk radio.  But the last four days have offered us clear, unequivocal evidence in the race for ACC Player of the Year.

By February 27th three candidates earned distinction.  Virginia Tech’s Malcolm Delaney, Duke’s Jon Scheyer, and Maryland’s Greivis Vasquez without question headed the three horse race.  Then, as if the schedule makers had a little Nostradamus  in them, the combatants squared off in the final week of the season.

Saturday in Blacksburg, Delaney offered a nice effort.  27 points including the game tying drive forcing the first overtime.  Again, nice effort.  But Vasquez took nice to the next level with a career high 41 in a double overtime victory.  No arguing: Vasquez>Delaney.

Then Wednesday night in College Park.  On a night where emotions have not been higher for Greivis Vasquez, which is akin to, Tiger Woods never felt more humiliated than during his stripper acceptance speech, the senior from Caracas channeled that energy into greatness.

His off balance runner inside of a minute to play to seal a Maryland victory defined his night.  Jon Scheyer meanwhile had an opportunity late as well,  but failed.  Again, no arguing: Vasquez>Scheyer.

Enjoy the highlights:


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