First Poll of March

The Terps gain re-entry to the AP Top 25 as my voting brethren finally concur with me.  Maryland shows the best team quality right now, the one that simply has them find a way to win.  Trailing at home or on the road doesn’t matter with three senior starters and a freshman that plays like a veteran.

Greivis Vasquez earns the headlines, and rightfully so, but the collective will of the Terps has them poised for something special.  Duke at Maryland on Wednesday will test my belief in this team.

A new number one after Kansas and Kentucky fell flat on Saturday.  I went with Syracuse out of the three two loss teams because they just beat down a top ten opponent in late February.  The Orange pass the eye test better than anyone in the NCAA right now.

Here’s my ballot for this week with actual AP ranking in parenthesis:

1. Syracuse (1)
2. Kansas (2)
3. Kentucky (3)
4. Kansas State (5)
5. Duke (4)
6. Purdue (7)
7. Ohio State (6)
8. New Mexico (8)
9. Villanova (9)
10. Butler (12)
11. West Virginia (10)
12. Pittsburgh (17)
13. Tennessee (16)
14. Georgetown (19)
15. Gonzaga (18)
16. Wisconsin (15)
17. Michigan State (11)
18. Vanderbilt (14)
19. Maryland (22)
20. Texas A&M (23)
21. Temple (20)
22. Baylor (21)
23. BYU (13)
24. UTEP (24)
25. Oklahoma State (NR)


One Response

  1. I am really enjoying your show tonight with Pat Kennedy.
    I do want to note that you mistakenly stated that Cardinal Gibbons is not in the MIAA “A” Conference. Please note that Gibbons is in the MIAA “A” Conference. Their late, great, coach Ray Mullis has more wins that any other Baltimore City High School Coach and has the most BCL Championships.
    Also, you mentioned a player you knew from Baltimore, not recruited by Maryland, who went to Ohio U. and became the freshman player of the year in their conference. Could this be Leo Williams, a 2004 Gibbons graduate? He went to Ohio U and was also the conference freshman player of the year. He was on the Gibbons team that lost to Rudy Gay and Spalding in the MIAA “A” Conference championship game.
    Thanks for putting on a great show!

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