Maryland won three games last week, Greivis Vasquez earned national player of the week honors, and the Terps improved to 9-3 in the ACC.  Despite all that, Maryland remains on the outside looking in at the A.P. Top 25.  I had the Terps ranked 24th this week, and I thought for certain the rest of the country would concur.  However, all nine of Maryland’s ACC victories have come against the bottom seven teams in the conference.  That and an RPI of 36 and I guess the they can’t complain too much.

The eye test however says this is a top 25 team. Seniors playing well, balance inside and out, depth, they have the qualities a good team needs and are playing better now than early in the season.

Oh yeah, and maybe a little karma loves the turtles too:

Meanwhile, here’s my top 25 for the week with actual A.P. ranking in parenthesis.

1. Kansas (1)

2. Kentucky (2)

3. Purdue (3)

4. Syracuse (4)

5. Kansas State (6)

6. Duke (5)

7. West Virginia (8)

8. Villanova (7)

9. Ohio State (9)

10. New Mexico (10)

11. Pittsburgh (12)

12. Butler (15)

13. Georgetown (11)

14. Tennessee (19)

15. Texas A&M (22)

16. Gonzaga (18)

17. BYU (13)

18. Wisconsin (17)

19. Michigan State (14)

20. Richmond (23)

21. Temple (20)

22. Vanderbilt (16)

23. Northern Iowa (25)

24. Maryland (NR)

25. UTEP (NR)


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