Momentum buried

Coming off a quality road win at Florida State, and a demolition of North Carolina, the Terps had that loving feeling heading into Wednesday’s game with Virginia.  Mother Nature put an end to that.

Maryland and Virginia will now play Monday Feb. 15th at Comcast Center, leaving the Terrapins to cool their heels (wait, didn’t they just do that?) and next face Duke at Cameron.

A true test for sure, but if Maryland can find a way to knock off the Devils whom are not exactly bullet proof, then they just about lock up a bid to the NCAA Tourney,  and do it by mid February.

The pair of impressive wins for the Terps had me bring them back to the A.P. Top 25 for the 3rd time this season, curious to see if they can stick around.

Here’s my vote for February, 8th:

1.       Kansas

2.       Kentucky

3.       Syracuse

4.       West Virginia

5.       Villanova

6.       Purdue

7.       Georgetown

8.       Kansas State

9.       Ohio State

10.   Wisconsin

11.   Duke

12.   Michigan State

13.   Tennessee

14.   Texas

15.   New Mexico

16.   Gonzaga

17.   Texas A&M

18.   Northern Iowa

19.   Butler

20.   St. Mary’s

21.   Charlotte

22.   Cornell

23.   Rhode Island

24.   Maryland

25.   Georgia Tech


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