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February 23, 2010

Maryland won three games last week, Greivis Vasquez earned national player of the week honors, and the Terps improved to 9-3 in the ACC.  Despite all that, Maryland remains on the outside looking in at the A.P. Top 25.  I had the Terps ranked 24th this week, and I thought for certain the rest of the country would concur.  However, all nine of Maryland’s ACC victories have come against the bottom seven teams in the conference.  That and an RPI of 36 and I guess the they can’t complain too much.

The eye test however says this is a top 25 team. Seniors playing well, balance inside and out, depth, they have the qualities a good team needs and are playing better now than early in the season.

Oh yeah, and maybe a little karma loves the turtles too:

Meanwhile, here’s my top 25 for the week with actual A.P. ranking in parenthesis.

1. Kansas (1)

2. Kentucky (2)

3. Purdue (3)

4. Syracuse (4)

5. Kansas State (6)

6. Duke (5)

7. West Virginia (8)

8. Villanova (7)

9. Ohio State (9)

10. New Mexico (10)

11. Pittsburgh (12)

12. Butler (15)

13. Georgetown (11)

14. Tennessee (19)

15. Texas A&M (22)

16. Gonzaga (18)

17. BYU (13)

18. Wisconsin (17)

19. Michigan State (14)

20. Richmond (23)

21. Temple (20)

22. Vanderbilt (16)

23. Northern Iowa (25)

24. Maryland (NR)

25. UTEP (NR)


NBC Olympics
February 18, 2010

The backlash at NBC’s Olympics coverage has been relentless on the web thanks to tape delays, excessive studio time hosts, and non stop commercials.  Waiting to see Lindsey Vonn win a gold medal until after 9:00 EST left many annoyed and frustrated.   And sure, we want our information (with video accompaniment) as soon as possible.

But what would you do in NBC’ shoes?

Air the downhill live in the afternoon when so few have the opportunity to watch after spending billions for broadcast rights?

Change a formula that gives NBC its highest Winter Olympic ratings in more than a decade?

If America doesn’t like the way NBC carries the Games, stop giving NBC cause to carry the games in this fashion.  With more viewers than American Idol last night, don’t expect changes anytime soon.

AP Basketball Vote February 15th
February 15, 2010

1)      Kansas

2)      Kentucky

3)      Villanova

4)      Purdue

5)      Syracuse

6)      Kansas State

7)      Ohio State

8)      Duke

9)      Georgetown

10)  West Virginia

11)  New Mexico

12)  Gonzaga

13)  Wisconsin

14)  Michigan State

15)  Butler

16)  Texas A&M

17)  Pittsburgh

18)  Tennessee

19)  Wake Forest

20)  BYU

21)  Vanderbilt

22)  Richmond

23)  Temple

24)  Virginia Tech

25)  Texas

Momentum buried
February 9, 2010

Coming off a quality road win at Florida State, and a demolition of North Carolina, the Terps had that loving feeling heading into Wednesday’s game with Virginia.  Mother Nature put an end to that.

Maryland and Virginia will now play Monday Feb. 15th at Comcast Center, leaving the Terrapins to cool their heels (wait, didn’t they just do that?) and next face Duke at Cameron.

A true test for sure, but if Maryland can find a way to knock off the Devils whom are not exactly bullet proof, then they just about lock up a bid to the NCAA Tourney,  and do it by mid February.

The pair of impressive wins for the Terps had me bring them back to the A.P. Top 25 for the 3rd time this season, curious to see if they can stick around.

Here’s my vote for February, 8th:

1.       Kansas

2.       Kentucky

3.       Syracuse

4.       West Virginia

5.       Villanova

6.       Purdue

7.       Georgetown

8.       Kansas State

9.       Ohio State

10.   Wisconsin

11.   Duke

12.   Michigan State

13.   Tennessee

14.   Texas

15.   New Mexico

16.   Gonzaga

17.   Texas A&M

18.   Northern Iowa

19.   Butler

20.   St. Mary’s

21.   Charlotte

22.   Cornell

23.   Rhode Island

24.   Maryland

25.   Georgia Tech

AP Top 25 Vote for January 31
February 3, 2010

1.    Kansas

2.    Kentucky

3.    Villanova

4.    Syracuse

5.    Michigan State

6.    West Virginia

7.    Purdue

8.    Texas

9.    Georgetown

10. Kansas State

11. Wisconsin

12. Ohio State

13.  Pittsburgh

14. Tennessee

15.  Duke

16. Vanderbilt

17. Georgia Tech

18.  New Mexico

19.  BYU

20. Gonzaga

21. Baylor

22. Temple

23.  Northern Iowa

24.  St. Mary’s

25. Butler