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AP Top 25 Vote 1/18/10
January 20, 2010

1. Texas

2. Kentucky

3. Kansas

4. Villanova

5. Syracuse

6. Michigan State

7. Duke

8. Tennessee

9. Wisconsin

10. Pittsburgh

11. West Virginia

12. Purdue

13. Georgetown

14. Gonzaga

15. BYU

16. Kansas State

17. Georgia Tech

18. UAB

19. Clemson

20. Temple

21. Virginia

22. Baylor

23. Northern Iowa

24. Rhode Island

25. Vanderbilt


AP Basketball Vote for 1/11/10
January 13, 2010

I contemplated the return of Maryland to my AP vote this week.  The Terps knocked off Florida State, which I had ranked 16th and owned now similar resumes to Clemson and Miami.  The loss though at home to William & Mary still left me a little gun-shy.  If Maryland though could go on the road and beat Wake Forest, then I’d have them back in poll. 

And last night, they made a rather incredible run at that win.  Greivis Vasquez and Eric Hayes led a stirring comeback to force overtime.  Then with a minute to play, trailing but in a one possession game, the Terps had the ball.  Vasquez, whom again had played a great game, looked in from the left-wing and saw 6’9″, 245 pound Jordan Williams on the block, guarded by 6’0″, 175 Ismael Smith.  This was a mismatch of comical proportions.  Vasquez looked Williams in the eye, dribbled to the baseline where he was cut off, and forced up a jumper that hit the side of the back board. 

Maryland lost 85-83.

I can’t say enough that Vasquez was the driving force that had the Terps to overtime in the first place, but if he fails to trust his teammates Maryland will garner nothing more than bubble team status.  Williams had missed a pair of free throws in overtime, and maybe that’s why Vasquez didn’t go back to him again.  But that’s the exact time a leader needs to give his talented freshman another chance.  Williams isn’t going anywhere.   Maryland must learn to win with him executing at key times.  Vasquez didn’t play the role of senior leader, and the Terps suffered from it.

Anyway, here’s how I had them laid out as of Monday morning, but after watching Kentucky get a huge win on the road at Florida, the Cats may be poised for a return to the top once again.

1.       Texas

2.       Kentucky

3.       Kansas

4.       Villanova

5.       Syracuse

6.       Michigan State

7.       Purdue

8.       Georgetown

9.       Duke

10.   Tennessee

11.   Wisconsin

12.   West Virginia

13.   Pittsburgh

14.   Georgia Tech

15.   Gonzaga

16.   Baylor

17.   BYU

18.   North Carolina

19.   Kansas State

20.   UAB

21.   Temple

22.   Connecticut

23.   Miami

24.   Clemson

25.   Northern Iowa

Top 25 Vote for January, 4th
January 6, 2010

Wanted to make sure I posted my AP vote this week, you know, for consistency sake.  And by the time I’ve gotten around to it this week already a loss for North Carolina and Georgia Tech.  The Heels defeat to College of Charleston is mind boggling.  Very talented, but even younger will have North Carolina sliding farther from their current spot at number ten, and preseason position of number 4.

Duke is right now the class of the ACC as the Blue Devils typically are this time of the year.  But recent runs of post season futility make you wonder what’s going on in the “best basketball conference in the land”.   The Big 12 owns five spots in the poll including the top two and the Big East owns numbers six through nine.

The hard part now for the ACC, the conference has very few opportunities to improve in the rankings or RPI.  Beating up each other won’t help, and for teams like Maryland without a marquee non-con win, what can the Terps do to even make the tournament much less get back in the rankings.

I don’t have an answer, I mean that.  What can they do?  And don’t bring up “get rid of Gary”.  If the Terps won’t pay to have 2-8 Ralph Friedgen not coach their team, Gary Williams will decide when Gary Williams has had enough.

Anyway, here’s my first vote of 2010, could be the best of the decade.  We’ll have to see…

1. Kansas
2. Texas
3. Kentucky
4. Purdue
5. Duke
6. Villanova
7. W. Virginia
8. Syracuse
9. Georgetown
10. N. Carolina
11. Michigan St.
12. Wisconsin
13. Tennessee
14. Kansas St.
15. Connecticut
16. Florida St.
17. Florida
18. New Mexico
19. Baylor
20. Ole Miss
21. Texas Tech
22. Gonzaga
23. Georgia Tech
24. Washington
25. UAB