Deep in their shell, and the Top 25

Watching the Maryland Terrapins right now get blown out at home by William & Mary, and it’s just amazing how they can’t even compete tonight in regards to not just execution, but athleticism with the Tribe.  I’m not sure what has gone wrong since the Terps won a game in the NCAA Tournament last season, but with a better cast of characters Maryland looks completely woeful.

I need to point out that W&M is a quality team as the Tribe already owns a win at Wake Forest.  But Maryland has played four quality teams thus far (can’t put Indiana in that category) and lost to all of them.

So going forward and looking at how Maryland might make a return trip the the NCAA’s and there margin for error is gone.  They, at minimum need a winning conference record and a good showing at the ACC Tourney.  The Terps are without a single non-conference win for the resume.  When the selection committee compares Maryland to other at-large teams, the Terps will have nothing on which to hang their hat.

So on that jolly note, here’s my AP vote this week.  Not much action at the top, but several new appearances towards the bottom.  Happy New Year!

1. Kansas
2. Texas
3. Kentucky
4. Syracuse
5. Duke
6. Purdue
7. Villanova
8. W. Virginia
9. Georgetown
10. N. Carolina
11. Connecticut
12. Michigan St.
13. Wisconsin
14. Tennessee
15. Ohio State
16. Kansas St.
17. Texas Tech
18. Florida St.
19. Florida
20. Baylor
21. Northwestern
22. Temple
23. Ole Miss
24. Dayton
25. Seton Hall


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