December 20th AP Ballot

I neglected to post my ballot this week, but not because of possible ridicule from my college friends about why Syracuse isn’t higher.  Too many darn presents for which to shop, and too many sports casts to produce.  However, I did have the time to check out Loyola University’s stunner Tuesday night in Bloomington.

A fascinating game as the Greyhounds blew a 24 point lead to Indiana, fell behind with two minutes to go, and then saw Brett Harvey apply the Heimlich Maneuver with his 2nd four point play of the half that sealed the win for Loyola.  Arguably the best in in school history, and entirely entertaining as well.  Thank you cable tv for having the Big Ten Network at my disposal.

1. Kansas
2. Texas
3. Kentucky
4. Syracuse
5. Duke
6. Purdue
7. Villanova
8. W. Virginia
9. Michigan St.
10. Georgetown
11. N. Carolina
12. Connecticut
13. Wisconsin
14. Florida
15. Tennessee
16. Ohio State
17. Kansas State
18. Texas Tech
19. New Mexico
20. UNLV
21. Ole Miss
22. Butler
23. Florida St.
24. Baylor
25. Texas A&M


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  1. Are you smiling NOW??? Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh. 🙂 🙂

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