Top 25: Week 5

New movie  out called It’s Complicated. Not necessarily my genre (thank God I’m still too young for that), but the trailer made me think about basketball.

In the movie, Alec Baldwin falls in love with his ex-wife Meryl Streep.  Reminds me of me falling back in love with Kentucky.

Watching the Wildcats nearly lose to Miami, OH this year and struggle to defend the three against everyone the first three weeks had me drop the Cats fast from 1st to 8th.  But now, watching a very young team learn a fairly complicated system from John Calipari, and watching John Wall become an icon before my eyes, I have goose bumps.

Can’t put UK in front of KU just yet, but the Wildcats make a heart go pitter patter nationwide.

Another team to praise this week, the Georgetown Hoyas.  A pair of wins over ranked teams, including winning out west against Washington has me believing John Thompson III has all the wrongs from last season completely righted.  At least he does in December.

Now my list for December 13th:

1. Kansas
2. Kentucky
3. Texas
4. Syracuse
5. Purdue
6. West Virginia
7. Georgetown
8. Villanova
9. Duke
10. Tennessee
11. North Carolina
12. Florida
13. Michigan State
14. Texas Tech
15. Wisconsin
16. Cincinnati
17. Ohio State
18. Connecticut
19. Texas A&M
20. UNLV
21. Butler
22. Kansas State
23 Memphis
24. Baylor
25. Georgia Tech


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