Top 25 Vote for Week 4

Having not voted before, I may not have noticed this but wow, it is hard to get a grasp on who’s any good in November / December.  Five new teams in the ranking this week for me.  More and more preseason tournaments pitting good teams against each other for TV purposes helps the chaos, also that with the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee favoring those that play a tough schedule more and more, it is rare that a top program only plays one or two quality opponents early on.

What I firmly believe after a few weeks in, the Big XII is Marianas Trench deep.

Here’s a list of my vote,  and for comparison sake, the actualy A.P. Ranking:

1)      Kansas

2)      Texas

3)      Villanova

4)      Purdue

5)      Kentucky

6)      Florida

7)      Syracuse

8)      West Virginia

9)      Duke

10)  Tennessee

11)  Ohio State

12)  North Carolina

13)  Michigan State

14)  Cincinnati

15)  Georgetown

16)  Wisconsin

17)  Texas Tech

18)  UNLV

19)  Texas A&M

20)  Butler

21)  Miami, FL

22)  Connecticut

23)  Washington

24)  Baylor

25)  Georgia Tech


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