AP Vote Week 3

Second week in a row with a new number one, such is life in pre-conference basketball.  Too little of a resume for maybe the most accurate of  ballots cast (am I rationalizing not having Kansas #1 from the beginning of course, but at least unlike the world’s number one golfer I’m communicating). 

The preseason tourneys though provide so many great matchups, and do so in such a compact course of time that you can’t hide your flaws.  The Terps had more flaws than I imagined, thoroughly pushed around by two previously unranked teams.  Cincinnati and Gonzaga left no doubt that they are way ahead of Maryland.  Not to say the Terrapins won’t get there.  Of late, Gary Williams’ modus operandi includes much failure early used as fuel and motivation for later.  Thought that might change this year with so many veterans back, but hey, if it’s good for drama in February why rock the boat.

Anyway, here’s my ballot for November 30th, congratulations Jayhawks .  

 1. Kansas

2. Texas

3. Duke

4. Villanova

5. Purdue

6. Kentucky

7. Michigan State

8.  Florida

9. Syracuse

10. West Virginia

11. Tennessee

12. Ohio State

13. North Carolina

14. Gonzaga

15. Cincinnati

16. Georgetown

17. Oklahoma State

18. Florida State

19.  Washington

20.  Clemson

21. Butler

22. Connecticut

23. Marquette

24. Notre Dame

25. Miami,FL


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