New AP Vote

Made a big change this week at the top, dropping Kentucky from number one all the way to 8th, even though the Wildcats remain undefeated.  The reasoning for me, after seeing highlights of their two point victory over Miami, Ohio and reading how John Calipari was so disgusted with his team’s defense, I was fairly certain I have reached too far for a very young team.  Then I watched Kentucky against Rider, and while they won convincingly, their perimeter defense remains a disaster.

Kentucky is ridiculously talented, and by the end may reach the pinnacle, but for now they have seven in their sights.

With that,  congrats to Michigan State whom looks awesome and gets my top vote.

Also, here’s to not putting stock into exhibition games, clearly Syracuse is one of the best 9 teams in the country.

Here’s the rest of mt Top 25:

1)      Michigan State

2)      Kansas

3)      Texas

4)      Villanova

5)      Purdue

6)      Duke

7)      West Virginia

8)      Kentucky

9)      Syracuse

10)  North Carolina

11)  Butler

12)  Tennessee

13)  Florida

14)  Connecticut

15)  Washington

16)  Notre Dame

17)  Michigan

18)  Minnesota

19)  Maryland

20)  Ohio State

21)  Oklahoma State

22)  Florida State

23)  Clemson

24)  Georgetown

25)  Miami, FL

Here’s how it stacks up to the this week’s poll:


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