QB is BQ once again

The Ravens forced Eric Mangini to make a change at quarterback last time around as he benched Brady Quinn mid game in favor of Derek Anderson.  Six games later Mangini switches once more, this time back to Quinn.

This news confirmed this morning during a conference call between Mangini and local Baltimore media.  Confirmed with the most dispassionate, uninspiring of tones from the first year head coach in Cleveland.

Expecting Mangini to feel giddy wouldn’t make sense.  A horrible season in which incredulous quarterback play has led the way to a 1-7  record wouldn’t have me skipping to work either.  But Mangini didn’t seem listless just talking about his QB situation, but also the passion of his fans, Jamal Lewis’ career, Joe Flacco’s development.  He offers no passion period.

Same way when he was an assistant in Baltimore.  Same as head coach in New York.  How he has convinced anyone he should be the face of any franchise boggles the mind.

So while the Ravens surely endure a struggle, it’s not from a lack of passion.  And on the Monday Night stage this week that passion will shine, as we watch another listless performance from Cleveland.  A pleasant reminder for perspective.  The Ravens have their problems now, but at least they aren’t run by a droid masquerading as head coach.


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