A.P. Men’s Top 25.. My Vote..

Much of my college career at St. Lawrence University was spent arguing about sports (the rest involved other assorted non-printable social activities, spritzed every once in a while with a class.)  The most heated discussions outside of who was more hated (the Redskins or Giants) came with the college polls, football and basketball.

They add layers of nuance, grief, frustration, and exultation.  Their inherent subjectivity inspire more opinions, more discussion, and therefore greater interest.  What do we love to do more, than argue about who should really be number one?

And now, I have an opinion that matters.   Along with 66 others from around the country I will rank ’em from one to 25 each week for men’s college basketball.

It’s a task I see as a privilege, one the gravity of which will weigh heavily on my mind each week.

I will publish my rankings here each week, inviting discussion and dissent.

Now I’m assuming the first one is the toughest because we have no body of work to judge.  But to get things started for 09-10, here it is:

1) Kentucky

2) Michigan State

3) Kansas

4) North Carolina

5) Texas

6) Villanova

7) West Virginia

8)  Butler

9) Purdue

10) Connecticut

11) Washington

12) Oklahoma State

13) Duke

14) Ohio State

15) Minnesota

16) Tennessee

17) Florida

18) Notre Dame

19) Missouri

20) Michigan

21) Maryland

22) California

23) Georgia Tech

24) Florida State

25) Georgetown

Also included, my preseason All America team.  Again, tough to judge only on potential and past performance, but I wanted to select those that did amazing things last season, but are capable of more this season.  Here it is:

Scottie Reynolds, G – Villanova

Greivis Vasquez, G – Maryland

Patrick Patterson, F – Kentucky

Cole Aldrich, F – Kansas

Luke Harangody, C – Notre Dame

Can’t wait to see how this thing plays out, and I’m now officially allowed to watch even more college basketball at home (thanks honey), what could be better than that!


One Response

  1. Hello Pete, Your fan Roland here, I read your poll for college basketball and it appears to be well thought. Your choices are good and i would agree on your placements of the teams. Only time will tell. Your special on the Ravens was very good on Saturday. Thank you for continuing to be the one i turn to give me information on my favorite teams. Your Fan, Roland

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