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Game Day and the fog has lifted
September 27, 2009

A dreary, drizzly morning gives way to balmy sunshine at M&T Bank Stadium.  Maybe not a legitimate metaphor for the Ravens, but it lately it seems awfully sunny in Baltimore. 

As they ready for the Browns they sit at 2-0 atop the AFC North despite not having neared their best football.  They offered enough mistakes in weeks one and two to make John Harbaugh likely consider serious self medication.  How he stomached his defense giving up 421 total passing yards last week I’ll never know. 

But the beauty of this team thus far comes in how it handles adversity.  Joe Cool 2.0 refuses to succumb to panic and when called upon in dire need, Ray Lewis made up for 59 minutes of mistakes.

Watching the Browns warm up on the field I almost feel bad for them.  They play for a joyless coach and know that even at their best, it would take the Ravens self imploding to get a win.  A trip to the land of 3-0 looks certain for Baltimore, but if I’m wrong, my word count at Gilbert’s Arena will greatly top 180.


2009 Season Recap: Part 2
September 15, 2009

A ficticious review of the season rolls on, but just in case you want thoughts on actual events, check out my real game recap right here:

As for the continued ridiculousness, please remember  that attempts at humor do no neccesarily reflect the opinions of my bosses, family, or Chris Dachille.

Week 5:  How in the name of Tila Tequila did the Ravens go to New England and beat the Patriots, then come home and lost to the Ochocinos???  Probably after watching HBO’s Hard Knocks, and seeing how the Bengals charged their players for televisions in their rooms at training camp, the Ravens figured there’s no way Cincy could ever give exceptional effort for owner Mike Brown.  Somehow, they overcame that and did at M&T Bank Stadium what they did in 2004, pull the upset.  I think Flacco got a little out of whack after all the Gisele texts, witness his two interceptions and Carson Palmer reminded us he’s still pretty good.  Never though imagined 400 yards good in Baltimore.  John Harbaugh, whom above all wants consistent effort, accused writers and reporters in post game press conference of not wanting to win enough.  Losing to the 2-3 Bengals 34-25 , I’d go off too.  And he’s right, Peter Schmuck doesn’t want to win enough.

Week 6:   You could see this one coming all the way from Duluth.  No Adrian Peterson.  No Chester Taylor (odd that they chose to parasail together and couldn’t predict the snapping of the safety harness.)  Just Brett Favre.  More amazing though than Favre throwing the ball 45 times with that robotic arm, that he lasted long enough in the game to throw it 45 times.  The Ravens set a record for blitzes at 927 (unofficial) and sacks 124 (official).  All the frustration of losing at home to the Bengals, and of falling two games back of Pittsburgh erupted like Earl Weaver circa 1982.  The 37-0 victory once again put the Ravens into Super Bowl talk and nearly caused tampering charges from the Bills as they tried to contact Greg Mattison about replacing Dick Jauron.

Season Recap Preview: Part 1
September 9, 2009

An oxymoron?  Sure.  Take away the first two syllables and my wife will tell you it’s spot on.  But deterred I am not.  So here’s a recap of the Ravens 2009 Season.

Week 1:  I still can’t believe the Chiefs started Matt Cassel.  Seriously flawed logic in allowing a gimpy QB to face the Ravens rush although had Brodie Croyle started the 34 point margin probably wouldn’t have been much different.  Curious to see if the 41-7victory bloats the Ravens egos too much for the road trip to San Diego. 

Week 2: Sure enough.  The  jet lag, Philip Rivers, and that regrettable late night trip to the San Diego Zoo ended the Ravens bid for a perfect season (can’t believe Frank Walker convinced Tavares Gooden and Chris Carr that a thrill jog through the panther pit was a good idea.)    For the first time since January in Pittsburgh the Ravens defense was humbled as Rivers threw for 319 yards and 3 scores.  LaDainian Tomlinson however did not crack 100 yards and Joe Flacco earned his first 300 yard game.  The Ravens return to Baltimore with a 1-1 record, losing 28-17.

Week 3: After stripping away the 53 Mighty Men of Baltimorepullovers he delivered as gifts before week one, John Harbaugh threatened further removal of amenities if his defense failed to respond.  Obviously,  the D likes its comfort.  Brady Quinn suffered a season ending soul injury as the Ravens picked him 5 times, 3 returned for touchdowns (2 by Haloti Ngata, that ought to get him to Honolulu.)  Rarely has a team so thoroughly eviscerated a division opponent, but the 51-3 final actually hurt Cleveland fans more than when the Browns moved to Baltimore in the first place.

Week 4: Bill Belichick vs. Bill Belichick with a smile.  Advantage nice guy.  No let down following the largest margin of victory in team history for the Ravens.  A trip to Foxborough showed that Tom Brady indeed had not totally healed his knee and that if Joe Flacco ever waxes his eyebrows, Giselle just might make a switch at quarterback.  Flacco’s 3 touchdowns and no picks showed the Ravens can pass first against a good team and win.  Kelley Washington’s 5 catches for 89 yards and a score left unsmiling Bill unwilling to shake his hand after the game.  31-23 the Ravens won, upping their record to 3-1 and a share of first place.  Not a bad first quarter of the season for the league’s highest scoring offense.  That’s right,  I started with an oxymoron and I’ll end with one.