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Snoop a loop
August 6, 2009

Training camp elicits many descriptions from players.  Intense, exhausting, draining, miserable, and fun.  Fun?  Today, camp was fun.

Already invigorated by a cool cloudy morning in which the team practiced with playoff energy, the Ravens received a visitor.  Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg at Ravens Training Camp

Snoop Dogg at Ravens Training Camp

The former gang banger turned multi, multi million dollar rapper, slash actor watched practice from the Ravens sideline. Snoop transitioned from the L.A. streets to main stream America star thanks to a genuine likeability and sense of humor. After practice he led the team in a “Dogg Cheer”, smoothed his way through some footwork drills (more impressively than Frank Walker I might add) and made his way to the mike.

Snoop Dogg made everyone smile at camp (except for his dressed to the nines entourage that refused to offer any facial expression). A much needed break of levity for the grind of training camp thanks to the author of “Doggie Style”.