Happy Training Camp Month!

All diversions and no football make Petey snarky boy.

Enough of the Orioles tantalizing then traumatizing.

Enough of the only occasional non rain soaked golf.

Enough tennis, on grass, indoors. Mother Nature finds much at fault with that abomination.

Enough quality US soccer. You can’t suck me in with a fantastic performance like that, then not play meaningful games again for at least a year. It’s just rude.

It’s almost time. The July doldrums arrive, but in doing so signal the end is near. Our football famine soon ends.

Ravens training camp kicks off the 28th. We’re shooting a training camp special just three days later. The hitting, the yelling, the screaming, the occasional fight (it’s like we have our own practice without pads.)

Seriously, the diversions of sport that tide us over till football season have grown tiresome. I need the full emotional commitment to following football again. I’ve had enough conversations wtih John Harbaugh in the off season to believe the Ravens at worst equal their level of play from last season. At worst.

The end is near, enough already.

In the meantime, this should help:


One Response

  1. Always nice to get some holdover football until the real thing starts up again! Thanks!!

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