Lax Escape

After a morning dominated by ad nausea ESPN coverage of Michael Vick leaving prison, and the relentless debates that ensued (should he be allowed to play in the NFL, where will he play, is he truly a man of remorse.. blechhh.!!!) I needed something healthier for the brain.  Sport that doesn’t cause repulsion.  Let’s get outside for some state championship lacrosse.

 Didn’t think I’d see the high school tournaments running longer than any of the collegiate men’s teams seasons, but here we are on May 2oth with the Century girls facing Patterson Mill for the 1A/2A title.  UMBC offering a fantastic venue on the most perfect of days to play and watch lacrosse. 

An interesting storyline as Century has a premier program led by the most premier of players.  For Patterson Mill it’s the first year of lacrosse.  First year, and in the title game.  But the cinderella story ends  for the Huskies today. 

Katie Schwartzman, who next year plays for Kathy Reese and Maryland, with 2:08 left in the first half has outscored P.M. 7-5 by herself.  Her 2nd goal of the game (a gorgeous shot after a first step quicker than Mike Vick’s out of Leavenworth… my brain has yet to fully recover) gave her 300 for her career.  Now at halftime Century leads 15-5, likely on its way to state championship number three.  Impressive for a program only in its 7th year of existence.

But seriously, I need to do this more often, and maybe we all do.  Our 24 hour news culture is dominated by so many stories that degrade, disturb, and desensitize.  But hopping in the car and joining about 300 others taking in sport at the purest of levels is helping my karma.


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