This day gets better and better…

For once, it’ s not a sarcastic headline.  Just before the first pitch, the Dean of Baltimore Sports Vince Bagli arrived in the press box.  Considering Vince created one of the main veins for me getting into the business, offering an internship 14 years ago. 

Talking with Vince is like visiting a sports museum, only with a gravelly voice.  Forget six degrees of separation, it only takes Vince three to get to anywhere.  My favorite comment so far refers to Angels pitcher Shane Loux, number 68.  “68, what kind of number is that?  Sounds like a guard who gets called for holding.”

We’ve lauded Adam Jones in center, and lamented the lack of production despite the Orioles flat out killing the ball off Loux.  And by the way, watching Jones play center reminds me of Kelly Leak in the Bad News Bears when Buttermaker told him to catch everything.  Felix Pie unfortunately plays the roll of the Ahmad Abdul Rahim.

Through three innings the Orioles lead 1-0.  It’s a slow game, considering the company, I hope it stays that way.  For those that don’t know Vince, I found this clip of him taking us through the Colts move to Indianapolis.


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