Rude Awakening

Hey a day game? ?  Sweet,  short sleeves, sun block, sun glasses, extreme incentive to get to work.

/walks out front door

What the *#&$^#@????

Three days of summer obliterated in one night’s sleep.  54 fun shunning degrees at Camden Yards for the conclusion of a two game series with the Angels. Sun Columnist and WBAL Radio host Peter Schmuck seems the most disheartened as he hoped to set an April record with four Hawaiian shirts adorned in a row.  At least Dave Trembley is now fully cooled off. 

A rough night for the Birds as they dropped game one to L.A.  The 7-5 loss included Trembley’s first ejection of the season.  A not so questionable balk call (no question Jamie Walker didn’t balk), sent Trembley on a trip to meltdown mountain.  A solid rant from the O’s skipper whom typically avoids such spectacles. 

At this point in a post I’d typically embed a video of the greatest Oriole Manager meltdowns (IE: anything from Earl Weaver) but the language just doesn’t suit a family style blog.

Instead, how about some Rick Dempsey interview bloopers.  God, I love youtube.

Anyway, I’ve blown on my hands eight times during the construction of this post, it’s that chilly.  And I will continue to do so in order to bring you random musings from the Oriole Park today as the O’s battle the Halos.


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