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Burnt Ozone
April 29, 2009

Back to back for the Angels off Koji Uehara.  And then they get to punishing.  Two batters after Torii Hunter and Kendry Morales crushed homeruns, Gary Matthews smoked a line drive into the mid-section of Uehara.  L.A. takes “knocking around a pitcher” to a whole new level.  Uehara fortunately walked off the field, replaced by Danys Baez.  A shame, Uehara pitched six great innings,  but when the wheels fell off the ride ended in a hurry.

At least though, Uehara didn’t take the liner off his head like Tim Lincecum a few weeks ago. 

L.A. not just picking on Koji either, moments ago a line drive off the ankle of Baez loaded the bases.  And with a wind chill of about 42, there are some miserable Orioles right about now.


This day gets better and better…
April 29, 2009

For once, it’ s not a sarcastic headline.  Just before the first pitch, the Dean of Baltimore Sports Vince Bagli arrived in the press box.  Considering Vince created one of the main veins for me getting into the business, offering an internship 14 years ago. 

Talking with Vince is like visiting a sports museum, only with a gravelly voice.  Forget six degrees of separation, it only takes Vince three to get to anywhere.  My favorite comment so far refers to Angels pitcher Shane Loux, number 68.  “68, what kind of number is that?  Sounds like a guard who gets called for holding.”

We’ve lauded Adam Jones in center, and lamented the lack of production despite the Orioles flat out killing the ball off Loux.  And by the way, watching Jones play center reminds me of Kelly Leak in the Bad News Bears when Buttermaker told him to catch everything.  Felix Pie unfortunately plays the roll of the Ahmad Abdul Rahim.

Through three innings the Orioles lead 1-0.  It’s a slow game, considering the company, I hope it stays that way.  For those that don’t know Vince, I found this clip of him taking us through the Colts move to Indianapolis.

Rude Awakening
April 29, 2009

Hey a day game? ?  Sweet,  short sleeves, sun block, sun glasses, extreme incentive to get to work.

/walks out front door

What the *#&$^#@????

Three days of summer obliterated in one night’s sleep.  54 fun shunning degrees at Camden Yards for the conclusion of a two game series with the Angels. Sun Columnist and WBAL Radio host Peter Schmuck seems the most disheartened as he hoped to set an April record with four Hawaiian shirts adorned in a row.  At least Dave Trembley is now fully cooled off. 

A rough night for the Birds as they dropped game one to L.A.  The 7-5 loss included Trembley’s first ejection of the season.  A not so questionable balk call (no question Jamie Walker didn’t balk), sent Trembley on a trip to meltdown mountain.  A solid rant from the O’s skipper whom typically avoids such spectacles. 

At this point in a post I’d typically embed a video of the greatest Oriole Manager meltdowns (IE: anything from Earl Weaver) but the language just doesn’t suit a family style blog.

Instead, how about some Rick Dempsey interview bloopers.  God, I love youtube.

Anyway, I’ve blown on my hands eight times during the construction of this post, it’s that chilly.  And I will continue to do so in order to bring you random musings from the Oriole Park today as the O’s battle the Halos.

Standings on their head
April 15, 2009

Get your flip flops on for a quick check of the American League standings.  First place in the East: Baltimore, in the Central: Kansas City, in the West: Seattle.  What do all three have in common?  All finished last in 2008. (okay I assumed the Royals finished last. What you blame me? They finished next to last just in front of Detroit).

Can’t say nine days into the year it’s a monumental accomplishment, or that I expect the trend to continue much longer, but for the time being it provides a smile for some rather down trodden teams. 

And in Batlimore, where the streak of losing seasons has nearly reached middle school age, taking the first three series of the campaign has folks bleeding orange.  Not so much for the rest of 2009, although knowing this team will score runs makes it more fun to watch, it’s seeing the future come to life. 

Adam Jones looks like a staple for the next decade in center field, and last night in Arlington, he showed his promise at the plate (1:35 into the video please):

Pleasant thoughts from the Yards
April 9, 2009

A sun drenched 59 degrees at first pitch (for which I wasn’t yet here, too many diapers to change) at Camden Yards as the Orioles go for a sweep of the Yankees.  The bright skies part seems possible, but the whole sweep thing still causes a double take.  Kicking off the season by kicking around the most expensive team in baseball elicits a city full of smiles. 

Throughout last night’s game in which the Orioles beat the Yankees 7-5, there were pockets sporadic cheering coming from all corners of the TV-11 newsroom.  Colleagues from all over the building kept popping into the sports office to see how the game was going.  As you can imagine, that hasn’t much happened since the Clinton administration.

Don’t take this the wrong way though.  Nobody’s talking playoffs, most still think a losing season is preordained.  Yet, you can’t take away the enjoyment of the last two games.  Good pitching, clutch hitting, and knowing the gnashing of teeth in Gotham has fully commenced makes for pure entertainment.  And in these economic times, we’ll take it where we can get it.

The sweep though looks less and less likely.  Top of the 6th and the Yanks lead 4-2 with two men on.  Mark Teixeira has quieted many of the Boo Birds with a 410 foot home run and a broken bat base hit.  Speaking of which, many a national writer came to defense of Teixeira, writing as if he needs comfort from those awful Orioles fans.  Really, we need to attack the fans for booing a guy who signed a 180 million dollar contract as unemployment nears ten percent?  Perspective people please.

Since the beginning of the last paragraph the flood gates have opened.  It’s now a 7-2 NY lead thanks to one of the more improbable errors I’ve seen.  O’s reliever Brian Bass, with the bases loaded fielded a weak grounder but threw a wild pitch from 20 feet as he went home.  It’s just not easy to miss that badly from so close. 

Anyway, still a nice start to the season.