For the record: the response and what happened to the Terps

Bold musings from a guy who likes to think he knows something about college basketball (see previous post).  I probably though failed to mention, when guaranteeing VCU and North Dakota State victories, that I also backed Lehman Brothers, Jimmy Carter in 1980, and the French in most any war. 





Sorry about that.

The one I got right was Maryland.  The Terps didn’t lay waste to Cal, but Maryland attacked the Bears perfectly (do not try at home) using quickness on offense and a 3-2 zone.  Jerome Randle played great against Maryland’s man to man, but disappeared against that zone.  It was perfect.

Then came the day off.  More meetings with the media for players and Greivis Vasquez forgot to pack his filter.  Saying that Memphis would have a losing record in the ACC and lamenting Conference USA’s lack of talent probably didn’t make Memphis shoot 3 pointers like Larry Bird in a contest, but that did not shed a good light on the team. 

Come Saturday, Memphis looked like an elite team.  The Tigers had it inside and out, had it any way they wanted against Maryland.  At no point past the 16:00 minute mark of the first half did you think the Terps could beat Memphis.  And by the end of the game, the pro Tigers crowd derisively chanted “ACC – ACC”.  Point taken about mouth running.

But looking beyond the immediate disappointment for Maryland players, coaches, and fans.  At least the conversation continued until March 21st.  They offered great moments this season including wins over Michigan State, North Carolina, and Wake Forest.  Once they learned how to compensate for a starting lineup that seemingly offered nobody taller than Sean Astin, they went to work.  Never did they quit.

Lots of work for future as they have to find some bigger and better players to have a conversation in April too.   That message appears received loud and clear by Gary Williams so in the meantime, consider a trip to the Thin 32 (I just made that up) a nice way to keep you from spreading mulch for at least another Saturday.


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